Why my iPhone is my favorite camera

iphone photographyI love to take photographs. Nothing can be more fun than taking pictures of your loved ones or picturesque scenery. I enjoy capturing the precious moment of my 3 year old toddler. However, I know that I have to capture him at the spur of the moment. I do not get so much time to set up a DSLR. This is the time when my iPhone is my best assistant. I have been able to take so many photographs of my young one with the help of my iPhone. Now I encourage everyone to use the iPhone camera as you get great results.

I personally feel that you need to have a camera on hand all the times. I am an amateur photograph myself so I believe that I might need to capture a beautiful moment or a beautiful glimpse at any given time. It is not possible and practical to have your DSLR at all times with you. Interestingly when you own the latest iPhone you feel like flaunting it and it is with you almost all the time. This makes things easy whenever you see something beautiful or ‘snap worthy’, just take out your iPhone your pocket, and take the photo. The best thing is that the Smartphone industry is experiencing a boom so the manufacturers are making an effort to come up with more improved features. The camera of an iPhone has always been the center of focus, so now you can capture quality pictures. The quality is that good that it might even be difficult for you to figure out whether the picture is taken with an iPhone or DSLR.

Another funny thing is that when you plan to take a picture with the DSLR you might get so involved in figuring out the buttons that you might miss the moment. As a photographer I cannot afford to let this happen. You need to understand the psychological aspects as well. For example, I am an amateur photographer, but I still want to produce quality work. When I am able to take nice pictures with an iPhone it is something encouraging for me. I am convinced that I can excel in this field and can come up with better work. I am of the opinion that the iPhone is the best tool to learn photography and is perfect for beginners.

Well I would like to end this with a few useful tips, as they can definitely help an amateur photographer. Try to start with taking simple pictures with your iPhone. When you target complexity at the initial level then you can never get the best results. Taking pictures from a low angle would introduce the interesting element into the pictures. This approach would be more helpful if you want to show the subject with nothing else, but sky in the background. Your pictures should have depth. When you are taking pictures with you iPhone make sure that the picture captures multiple planes. Try out these tips when you take pictures with your iPhone next time, and you will start to value your iPhone a lot more.

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