The Light Holiday Approach

holiday travellingI have always been passionate about traveling. I am a family man and I love to take my family on trips. Not taking them just wouldn’t be the same. We all love visiting beaches. I have this liking for the beach because of my surfing passion, so a holiday to a beach is my ultimate dream. Secondly, when I am on holidays it gives me a chance to observe my surroundings and revisit my photography passion. I also feel that when you are traveling especially with a toddler then you should not be having a lot of luggage with you. The main reason is that the luggage will keep you weighed down – it is important to focus on your toddler’s essentials.

I believe that one should travel light. And if you agree, then here are a few tips that can help you travel light.

* Checklist preparation: Now the first thing you need to do is to make a checklist. Only take those items with you that you actually need. Do not overburden yourself. Write down all your essentials and as you pack them just select the item on the checklist and cross it off, so to act as a cross check This checklist is definitely very useful.

* Planning the wardrobe: Choose clothes that add to your comfort. Remember you are going on holidays and will not have all of your wardrobe at your peril, so you have to feel comfortable. Go in for a minimalist style of trends and fashion . You also need to make sure that your wardrobe is appropriate as per the climatic conditions of the place you are visiting.

* Packing the smart way: Well let me tell you a little secret – the best way to travel light is by rolling your clothes like a paper and keeping them in your suitcase. You need to roll or keep flat – compressing the clothes would also help.

* Keeping boots, jackets and coats handy: Coats, jackets and the boots are bulky attire so it would not be a smart idea to keep these items in your suitcase. You can simply wear them. This would save you from two kinds of hassle. You would not need to carry the extra bulk around, and secondly, if you start to feel cold during the journey then you would not need to open up your bag to take out the warm clothes.

* Carry a single bag: This may sound hard, but it is not really that difficult if you try. Initially you might find it a problem, but gradually you would start to find it fun to travel light.

Follow these five super tips and bring in the ease in your life. Believe me, you will start to enjoy your journeys because you would know that packing would not be so hard. We have one more advantage of traveling light and that is our luggage items are more organized. The reason is that

we have less to carry. When you start to carry less luggage this would definitely wipe off the stress from your life, as dragging around heavy and bulky luggage is not fun!

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