What Hiking Can Do for Men’s Health!

All kinds of men hike, from young and old, to big and small even a beach bum like me likes to get out in nature. Hiking is somewhat of a man’s sport because of its rough and rugged aspects. They have to trek through rugged mountains and harsh weather conditions that test their spirit and endurance. Men know that hiking is worth the effort if they want to stay healthy and fully experience the outdoors. Anyone interested in this sport should understand how hiking is beneficial to the optimal health of your mind and body.

Hiking for the Mind

Exercise is one of the best methods to relieve mental disorders of all kinds. People improve the state of the mind when they work the body.

When you exercise, you can reduce the harmful symptoms of countless diseases, such as :-
• Stress
• Depression
• Insomnia

Exercising in nature is at least a thousand times more effective, because people enjoy the beautiful natural sceneries. Mountain men have spent most of their lives out in nature, and it is no surprise why. Being out in the open with beautiful features like mountains, wind, rain and grass is guaranteed to increase your mental well being. Also, a lot of men like to boast about their accomplishments, so completing a major hiking adventure is a huge boast to their resume (and ego!).

Hiking is ideal for the mind when it is done in different environments and weather conditions. Running on a treadmill in a gym is not a good view of beautiful scenery, and can become quite boring. Hikers are encouraged to hike at different times of the day, take different routes and much . They should appreciate these differences if they want the fullest effects of walking.

Hiking Gear for Men

There are certain hiking tools and materials that are made just for men. First, invest in boots that endure the long walks that wear out parts of the shoes. Buy boots that are sturdy and waterproof, along with being easy to clean and fit. Check out the name brands and customer reviews to see what everyone else is wearing. The best mens hiking boot seen here is the sturdiest and most comfortable one you can find. It seems difficult to find a combination of comfort and rigor, but it takes time and patience to find the perfect pair.

Hiking for the Body

There are obvious benefits that come with hiking for the body’s sake. Walking comes with a host of benefits for different parts of the body, such as :-
• Heart
• Brain
• Lungs
• Bones
• Muscles and joints

Walking is an aerobic exercise that improves your cardiovascular


How can a surfer keep fit away from the beach

how can a surfer keep fit away from the beachSurfing is an addictive sport, for any surfer – novice or professional. This goes for me aswell, however, there are times when I am compelled to stay away from the beach and water due to winter or the rainy seasons. The biggest question that arises in this scenario is maintaining my fitness. I just cannot compromise on this aspect at all. Surfing has forced me to derive a solution and I came up with some simple exercises that can be done at home without needing any expensive equipment. The positive aspect is that these exercises that I am about to mention are an authentic solution and will leave you active and vibrant. Before I discuss the exercises I would like to give you a simple tip that would help prepare your body for the workout.

Preparing your body for the workout

When you initially move to these exercises your body may feel sore, but these simple tips will help you. You can massage your body. Secondly stretching helps a lot and creates the much needed flexibility in the muscles. You also need to keep yourself hydrated so drink lots of water throughout the day. Now let us take the plunge into the world of fitness. Here are the exercises I swear by.

The exercises to follow

Make sure that you do these exercises for about 40 to 45 minutes. This would be the adequate time to follow. It is up to you to take a break during the exercises. However, if you can manage them in one go, then that’s up to you – and well done!

* Hundred jump ropes: You would be surprised to know that jumping ropes are very useful in burning those extra calories. This is quite a cost friendly way to exercuse. You would not need expensive equipment like a treadmill.

* Hundred jumping jacks : This workout is definitely a hard-core exercise. You are getting so many benefits in one go. Firstly this exercise helps in relieving stress so if you are worked up about missing your surfing then start it right away. Jumping jacks is a great strengthening and cardio-vascular exercise as well.

* Thirty push-ups : Well the push-ups are yet another way to promote your fitness. When you would be doing your push-ups on a regular basis they would build and strengthen the major muscles in the body.

* Thirty sit-ups: The sit-ups would strengthen the muscles in your abdomen. This exercise will make everyday activities like lifting things a lot easier.

* Fifteen step-ups: The step-ups are a compound workout. This exercise tends to mimic the real life movements. It strengthens your muscles, so it is a must do.

* …