about me - jamesI strongly believe that one should lead a fulfilling life. This is the reason that I have always tried to do justice to one of my passions – surfing. I simply enjoy surfing. It is my passion and it gives this revitalizing feeling. The fresh breeze on the beach refreshes me, and I often feel that I am away from the stress and tension of the world when out there on my surfboard. The best part is that I am not alone in my world of passion. I mostly take my family along when I am surfing because they are my world. Photography is yet another passion for me.

My toddler is three years old and I feel like capturing every special moment and this is the time when my iPhone comes to my aid. I never get the time to set up my DSLR. I believe in capturing the scenic beauty, as well as all wonderful creations, which all need to be appreciated. The best way to show appreciation is by capturing those glimpses. When I capture the moments and wonderful sights in my pictures, I then look at those pictures, shich is an enjoyable activity for me. I feel that taking photographs and pictures is a way to explore my creativity.

The best part is that I have become skilled at my passion, whether it is surfing or photography. This because I do both these activities with love and there is a positive spirit in me when I am surfing or capturing a picture. It is always better to do what you can do best because this would eventually become your source of motivation to achieve more.

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